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Tea Menu

We are so excited to partner with Smith Tea out of Portland to give you a unique beverage experience. Adrienne and I are both SUPER tea geeks, so there was a lot of research that went into this. First, it had to taste great. We wanted flavors that were familiar but also unique -- Smith has a great selection to choose from, and we had a blast with our tea tasting!

But one of the things we loved most was the ability to see where the tea came from -- if you'd like to see journey your tea made from the fields where it was grown to your cup, ask us for the batch number on the bottom of the box and enter it at to learn more.

Our teas will be sold by the "sachet" -- meaning, if you only want one bag of tea in a giant cup that is totally up to you :). We will individually brew each of these teas if you'd like them iced -- so iced tea and hot tea are the same price (just allow a little more time for iced tea).

Green Tea

White Petal might be one of the best teas I've ever had. Adrienne describes it as "Love in a cup."

Mao Feng Shui is what I think of when I want a traditional green tea -- it almost tastes green.

Fez - Just a hint of mint and lemon -- not overpowering.

Black Teas

Portland Breakfast: Strong Black tea for those who want a tea version of single malt scotch.

Lord Bergamot: Elevated Earl Grey.

Masala ChaI: More of a traditional spiced black tea than the powdered or syrupy chai teas you'll find elsewhere. Ask for it as a Chai Latte if you'd like that creamy kick.

Bungalow: STRONG black tea. This is what I drink in the morning.

IMG 6113

Meadow: The decaffeinated version of White Petal.

Peppermint leaves: This one is pretty self explanatory.

Big Hibiscus: It's pink and it's delicious. Try it as an iced tea -- it's lovely.

Red Nectar: Think Rooibos.