Bagel Sun Copy@2X This week’s bagel special is Pesto (w/s 5/29)! Reminder we are open everyday 7am - 2pm!

For example: "What's the Midwest twist?"

Come visit us at our retail shop at 130 Chicago Ave in Oak Park !

Alas, bagels are all about gluten. Proper gluten development in the dough is key to that wonderful chew. While it's possible we may develop a gluten free bagel recipe in the future, our kitchen and equipment are not free from gluten (and therefore wouldn't be advisable for anyone with a wheat/gluten allergy)

A link to our ingredient information can be found at the bottom of each page.

Yes, our retail shop is nut free.

If your bagels make it into the freezer, they will keep for 3 months (provided you don't eat them before that!). The best way to store uneaten bagels is to cut them first, place in a heavy-duty freezer bag, then freeze. When are you ready to enjoy them, take them out of the freezer and let them come to room temperature just a little (2-3 minutes on the counter should do the trick), gently wedge them apart and reheat them in the toaster. SKIP the microwave! (It's what makes the bagels "gummy" when they come out of the freezer)

We like to think that a few things set Daly Bagels apart from the rest: our signature dough that has hint of sweetness and all the glorious chew of a proper bagel, the local water that gives our bagels a twist all their own, and the amazing community of people (we call them bagel friends) who come to visit us week after week (in the cold and the rain and the snow) and have supported us on our journey from "idea" to "reality."

It has long been believed (by some) that "true" bagels cannot be made without New York water. This tired myth is the excuse many use for why they can't find good bagels anywhere else. But Chicago has great water -- after all, we have some of the best pizza and beer in the United States... why shouldn't we have some of the best bagels too?

The truth is, good bagels are time and labor intensive to make -- demanding high quality ingredients, attention to detail, and care in how they are crafted. Many places skip the careful steps required to make great bagels and instead use short-cuts that result in the "round bread" that floods grocery stores, coffee shops and cafes across the country.

At The Daly Bagel, we make, boil, and bake our bagels using local water. We think you'll agree, the result is something special.