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Open Tuesday - Sunday 6:30am - 2:00pm

CLOSED Mondays

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Garlic and Herb Week of 2/28

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  1. Visit Us in Store (Socially Distanced Takeaway): Our team is continually striving to improve our balance of efficiently moving the line forward with personal customer service (and utmost focus on health and safety).
  2. Advanced Online Ordering (Contactless Curbside): 24 hours in advance, typically best for large and/or special orders (or if you just want to avoid getting out of the car). Orders can be placed at
  3. Same Day Phone Ahead (Rapid Pick Up): Call our shop (708-613-5263) and your order will be ready for rapid pick-up at the back/side door facing Lombard Ave.

Gift cards are available!

Visit us in store for physical gift cards

or order e-gift cards online:


Times are when we will have things out for purchase :)

Mondays/Tuesdays: Stroopwaffles (7am)

Wednesday/Thursday: Chocolate Chunk Cookies (noon)

Friday: Stroopwaffles (7am), McLaren Brownies (10:30am)

Saturday: Stroopwaffles (7am), Chocolate Chunk Cookies (noon)

Sundays: Stroopwaffles (7am), Black and White cookies (7am), McLaren Brownies (10:30am), Chocolate Chunk cookies (noon)

Other treats:

Bavarian Pretzels: First Friday of every month: 12:30pm

Bialys: Wed-Sunday 10:30am – Sweet Onion, Cheddar Chive, and Berry Basil

Bagel Dogs: Daily 10:30am

Treats like… Lemon Bergamont Cookies, Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies, Vanilla Cookies… and some other fun things we’ve been experimenting with (bwhahahaha) will be rotated on a weekly basis and we’ll try to let people know what days/times they will be available.

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