Bagel Sun Copy@2X This week’s bagel special is Pesto (w/s 5/29)! Reminder we are open everyday 7am - 2pm!
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Pesto Week of 5/29!

Bagel Sun@2X


  1. Visit Us in Store: Our team is continually striving to improve our balance of efficiently moving the line forward with personal customer service (and utmost focus on health and safety).
  2. Advanced Online Ordering: 24 hours in advance, typically best for large and/or special orders. Orders can be placed at
  3. Same Day Phone Ahead (Rapid Pick Up): Call our shop (708-613-5263) and your order will be ready for rapid pick-up at the back/side door facing Lombard Ave.

Gift cards are available!

Visit us in store for physical gift cards

or order e-gift cards online:


Times are when we will have things out for purchase :)

Mondays/Tuesdays: Stroopwaffles (7am)

Wednesday/Thursday: Chocolate Chunk Cookies (noon)

Friday: Stroopwaffles (7am), McLaren Brownies (10:30am)

Saturday: Stroopwaffles (7am), Chocolate Chunk Cookies (noon)

Sundays: Stroopwaffles (7am), Black and White cookies (7am), McLaren Brownies (10:30am), Chocolate Chunk cookies (noon)

Other treats:

Bavarian Pretzels: First Friday of every month: 12:30pm

Bialys: Wed-Sunday 10:30am – Sweet Onion, Cheddar Chive, and Berry Basil

Bagel Dogs: Daily 10:30am

Treats like… Lemon Bergamont Cookies, Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies, Vanilla Cookies… and some other fun things we’ve been experimenting with (bwhahahaha) will be rotated on a weekly basis and we’ll try to let people know what days/times they will be available.

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