Bagel Sun Copy@2X This week’s special bagel is Chai (w/s 7-Feb)!

Weekly Menu

(prices do not include taxes)

Bagels($2.25 single bagel, $11.25 half dozen, $18 dozen)

Plain, Sesame, Poppy, Onion, Garlic, Asiago, Sea Salt, Everything, Cinnamon Sugar, Pumpernickel (Friday-Sunday only), Weekly Specials (see schedule below)

Weekly Specials:

1/31 - cinnamon rum raisin (v)

2/7 - chai
2/14 - maple bacon
2/21 - hot crossed bagels
2/28 - garlic & herb

Lox Box:

$35 - 1/2lb lox, 8oz plain cream cheese, pickled red onions, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, capers. Bagels sold separately.

Smoked Fish Spreads:

$9 - Choose either smoked Whitefish spread or Lox spread (carry out only -- we will be adding into curbside menu soon)

Cream Cheeses / Butter:

Plain Whipped ($4.25 per 8oz tub, $1.50 for an individual serving container)

Roasted Garlic and Herb, Berry Basil, Sweet Onion, Veggie, Goat Cheese, Chicago, Pickled Jalapeño, Buffalo Blue

($5.25 per 8oz tub, $1.75 for individual serving container)

Individual serving of butter: $1.00


The Rise and Shine $4.25

Bagel with Egg (add Cheese $1.25, Bacon $1.75, Taylor Ham Pork Roll $2.00)

Bagel Dog (Plain or Poppy Seed): $4.25

The Obvious $11.25

Bagel with lox, cream cheese, pickled or raw red onions, tomato and capers

The Ultimate $10.00

Bagel with whitefish pate, pickled or raw red onions, and cucumbers

The TLT $7.25

Bagel with turkey, lettuce, and tomato (add Cheese $1, Bacon $1.50)

The Dude $7.25

Bagel with roast beef, lettuce, and tomato (add Cheese $1, Bacon $1.50)

Eatza Pizza $6.50

Bagel with marinara, cheese, and pepperoni (optional)

Vampire Killer $8.75

Bagel with roasted garlic and Herb Cream Cheese with wilted garlic-lemon spinach and sliced red onions

Sweet & Tart $7.50

Bagel with apple, arugula, goat cheese cream cheese, and honey


Drip coffee (Dark Matter/Daly Kick in the Bagel): Medium (12oz) $2.75, Large (16oz) $3.25

Iced Coffee: (16oz) $4.00, (24oz) $5.00

Carry-out Coffee Box 96oz (please allow 30 minutes) $26.

Tea: $2.75 per sachet (Full Tea Descriptions can be found in Bagel blog)

Iced Tea: (Ginger Peach, Tahitian Green): (16oz) $3.00, (24oz) $3.50

Espresso: $2.65 (single), $3.65 (double)

Latte/Cappuccino: Small (8oz) $3.50, Medium (12oz) $3.95, Large (16oz) $4.55

Cortado/Macchiato: $3.50 (single), $4.50 (double)

Cafe au Lait: Medium (12oz) $3.95, Large (16oz) $4.55

Chai Latte: Small (8oz) $3.25, Medium (12oz) $3.75, Large (16oz) $4.25

Hot Chocolate: Small (8oz) $3.00, Medium (12oz) $3.50, Large (16oz) $4.00

Steamer: Small (8oz) $3.00, Medium (12oz) $3.50, Large (16oz) $4.00

Red Eye: Medium (12oz) $5, Large (16oz) $6

Americano: Medium (12oz) $3.50, Large (16oz) $4.50

Can Soda: $2.25

Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Dr Pepper, La Croix

Bottled Water: $2.25

Bottle Juice: $2.25

Apple: $2.25

Boxed Milk (plain or chocolate): $2.25


Mugs ($11), T-Shirts ($20), Small bagel tote ($5), Large Zippered Tote ($20), Hats ($25) (White and Black now!), Whole Bean Daly Kick in The Bagel Coffee ($18 – comes with free 8oz cup of drip coffee), Smith Boxed Tea ($17/ box)

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